The mission of the RELENTLESS FATHERS ARMY is to provide fathers with the opportunity to become the very best versions of themselves and develop the skills necessary to re-engage with and protect their children. We will take on this challenge arm-in-arm, without excuses, and leaving no man behind.

We'll also challenge the fathers to "Man Up" and be prepared to fight for their children's future. Our desired result is children that are well-adapted, confident, empowered, and positive contributors to their family, the community, and our nation.

Your $10 Monthly Subscription helps us to:

*INSPIRE fathers to continually pursue healthy relationships with their minor and adult children.

*EMPOWER fathers with tools to build their self-confidence and stay the course.

*ENCOURAGE fathers to "Win Back Their Children's Hearts and Become Their Hero"!

Meet Randall

Randall Gilbert is a dynamic speaker, a passionate Father-Child coach, and a Relentless Father that uses his message to empower all individuals, especially fathers, to discover their purpose, pursue their goals, and live their dreams.

His ICF training and life experiences have given him the tools to inspire fathers everywhere to use every situation as a staircase to move them toward cherishing their children’s hearts and being their hero!


To help you meet your goals, an individual coaching package would provide you with the level of support necessary to shorten your timeline to success. The objective of individual coaching is to give you targeted feedback and strategy where you need it. Together we’ll identify your main goals and create a roadmap of simple steps to help you achieve them.

The scope of this coaching session is fully dependent on your needs. So, if your mindset is holding you back, we’ll work to identify and address any limiting beliefs. We’ll have our initial Coaching Session on Zoom. After your session, you can decide if you’d like to continue and move to a multi-session package. The priorities for any upcoming sessions will be based on what was identified and accomplished during this session.

My Coaching Session fee has been discounted to $100 for the next few months to make it affordable to as many people as possible during this period of high inflation.

To register for your Coaching Session, click below. Once that’s taken care of, I’ll see you on our Zoom call!

Our next live event

Thursday, JUly 18, 2024 - 7pm EST

What's Great About This Event?

This live event is everything that you need to rediscover your vital role as a Father, to overcome past failures through forgiveness and acceptance, and to make a renewed commitment to become the very best version of yourself!

The Relentless Father‘s Army will encourage you to strengthen and restore healthy relationships with your children, while cherishing their hearts and being their hero!!

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